Terms and conditions of use




§ 1

1. These Regulations (Regulations) sets out rules for the use of the online store located on the website available at www.shinestone.pl ( "Service") by the consumer, within the meaning of applicable law (hereinafter referred to as "Customer").

2. Use of the Service, there is possibility for distance contracts jewelry brand SHINESTONE and those of other brands.

3. The service is run by a company SHINESTONE headquartered in Zakopane (34-500) os. Krzeptówki 36, NIP 736-00-12-256 , REGON  490001014, e-mail: contact@shinestone.pl, tel .: +48 662 25 32 02 acting in an entitled to sell the jewelry brand SHINESTONE and those of other brands included in the Service.

4. Service is intended for use by individuals who have full legal capacity.

5. To make full use of the Service and make purchases need to register on the Site.

6. By registering with the Service, the Customer accepts the terms of use of the Service.

7. The website stores on your computer so. cookies. The user can modify them by using the Web browser settings.


§ 2

1. The information about the product indicated characteristics of the goods, as well as a description of the product. It should be borne in mind that due to the specific characteristics of the product, each of them is somewhat unique and slightly differs from the others.

2. The images presented on the Site for informational purposes only. In reality may differ from those presented on the website.

3. The appearance of the goods placed on the website is also affected by the size and setting of the monitor.

4. Prices quoted on the Site are in Polish zloty and include VAT. Prices do not include shipping costs to the place indicated by the customer in the Polish Republic.

5. Promotions can not be combined with other promotions. The customer has the right at its discretion to use only one promotion.



§ 3

1. The purpose of placing an order on the Website, it is necessary to log on, and then fill in all the fields of the order form. Filling out the form is a declaration by the order, and thus it is necessary, so that the data were in line with reality.

2. The completed form should be sent by using the Service to eShop.

3. As soon as the order correctly, eShop will generate an order confirmation by email to the email address indicated by the Client.

4. For each item submitted, a separate order.

5. Seller indicates that the products - because of their handicraft character, delicacy and fragility of the raw materials used - should be used only for their intended purpose, and stored in a manner appropriate to their properties. Products can not be established during the homework, not to expose them to mechanical or chemical should not be washed, cleaned chemicals, they should not have contact with alcohol, aggressive liquids, solvents, dyes, materials (things) coloring (eg . jeans). Due to the non-standard raw materials used in the products, Seller prohibits contact product with water (eg. Bathing prohibition).


6. Any complaints reported by the Client, resulting from ignorance of the specifics of products referred to above, as well as the failure described the Rules of Conduct of the Products they will not be considered by the Seller.


7. Due to the unique nature of the products or unique material from which they are made, the Seller reserves the right to refuse an order, limiting how to make the payment or demand a prepayment by the customer.

Seller fulfills orders sending the products to the customer from the pick-up place located in the area of ​​territorial Poland. The order in which the place of receipt of the Products would be a place outside the territory of Poland, will be carried out only after prior contact by the customer with the Seller (using the contact details provided in the "contact") and agreeingon the terms of the contract, including individual shipping costs .


8. The information contained in the store for the products do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, only to be regarded as an invitation to enter into a contract of sale.

Client purpose of purchase of the Product, comprised of its purchase offer by completing the order form.


§ 4

1. eShop generate by electronic means to the email address specified by the customer to confirm the order.

2. eShop generate by electronic means to the email address specified by the customer confirming the purchase of goods.

3. The third confirmation, they will receive a customer confirmation is send the goods.

§ 5

1. The sale agreement comes on the deposit-compliant declarations of will by both sides, that is: an effective place an order by the customer and the order confirmation by the eShop.

2. Acceptance of an order by the eShop by sending Customer electronically to the email address specified by the customer, order confirmation.


§ 6

1. Sales promotion covers only a limited number of products and the realization of orders is for stocks, according to the order of their submission.

2. You can make changes in a complex contract or cancellation of the order by the customer through a notification by e-mail – contact@shinestone.pl or in the form of a contact telephone number eShop until the commencement of the contract by the eShop in accordance with paragraph. 3

3. Launch of the order is at the moment of the order confirmation:

a. In respect of the goods designated in eSklepie as "currently available" - within the amount available in the eSklepie by providing goods for shipping

b. In respect of goods other than the mouth. 3 points and ordering merchandise from the manufacturer or by joining the production.

§ 7

1. Orders will be processed within the time specified in eShop, calculated in working days from the date of order confirmation. Given the deadline does not include delivery time.

2. In the case of submission of several orders for goods of varying execution time, the goods will be shipped together after completing the whole order, and so after the longest of the following.

3. For each item sold is issued required by applicable law a receipt or invoice VAT.

§ 8

1. The law is the customer to select one of the ways to pay the price for ordered goods:

a) the use of payment methods indicated on the site directly through the eShop or entity acting on behalf eShop when ordering

b) bank account


mBank S.A.


PL35 1140 2004 0000 3502 7671 5171  within 7 days of your receipt of the order confirmation c) shipment cash on delivery, payment on delivery of goods

c) Credit card / e-transfer - payment carried out in real time through the use of forms of payment specified in the store directly by the Seller or entity acting on behalf of Seller;

d) Delivery - payment carried out during the transfer of the consignment, sent a courier company DPD.

In the case of selecting the Customer "transfer" as a form of payment, lack of posting on the account store payment rates for the product within 10 calendar days from the date of the confirmation e-mail by the Seller of the order, resulting in the cancellation of the order.

e) Receipts, invoices, contracts of sale

For all sales of Products in the store are staged evidence

purchase in the form of a receipt or invoice.

VAT invoice is issued at the express request, declared when ordering, or no later than within 7 days of receipt of the Product (if the invoice for the sale of already registered using a cash register, customer is obliged to pay the Seller a receipt documenting the sale, through its attaching a copy of the invoice).

VAT invoice is issued by the Seller after the presentation by the client all the data necessary to issue an invoice. No application by the client all the data necessary to correct the invoice within 7 days of receipt of the Product, relieve the Seller from the obligation to issue an invoice.

Seller is obliged to confirm in writing to the Customer all the relevant provisions of the agreement of sale of the Product. Confirmation of this Seller shall deliver to the Client together with the purchased product.


2. In a situation where the acceptance of the order will not be confirmed by eShop made by the Customer to Customer payment will be refunded in full using the same payment method as was used by the client in making the payment, in particular reimbursement may be made to the bank account from which payment was made.

§ 9

1.Shipment of eShop goods are sent in a package marked SHINESTONE brand or brands of its counterpart.

 2. Shipment check the presence of the courier.

3. The customer has the right to open the parcel in the presence of the courier and check that the content is consistent with the order and that the goods are not damaged.

 4. In case other than the above-described package delivery, damage or any non-compliance with the order should not receive the consignment and immediately contact the eShop.


§ 10

1. The consumer has the right within 14 days of delivery of the goods withdraw from the contract without specifying the reasons for the withdrawal.

 2. To effectively cancel, it is necessary to make a statement of withdrawal from the contract. The consumer may use the model withdrawal form which is attached as Appendix 1 to the Regulations, or a declaration of his own authorship.

 3. The right to withdraw from the contract concluded at a distance is not granted to the consumer, among others, in relation to the contract, the object of which is to provide for the non-prefabricated or maid meet its individual needs

. 4. In the event of cancellation the customer bears the direct cost of returning the goods to the eShop.

 5. The right to withdraw from a distance contract is not granted to the consumer, among others, in relation to the contract, the object of which is to provide for the non-prefabricated, manufactured according to the specifications of the consumer or maid meet its individual needs (for such a thing to be considered such. products made for individual orders, even personalized by engraving) .

§ 11

1. eShop undertakes the execution of orders to deliver goods free of faults.

2. The customer has the right to submit a claim under the warranty or the guarantee.

3. eShop on request client provide the full text provided by the manufacturer's warranty for a specific product, if eShop has access to it.

 4. The complaint must be accompanied by confirmation of purchase (eg. A receipt, invoices, warranty card or other evidence).

5. Without acquainted with the advertised merchandise is not possible to consider a complaint filed by eShop.

6. Seller will consider the complaint immediately, but no later than within 14 days of its submission. About the complaint will notify the vendor in accordance with the wishes of the customer or by e-mail or by traditional registered mail.

§ 12

1. The court competent to hear any disputes arising from the sale, guarantee and warranty is the District Court for the city of Zakopane.

§ 13

1. The administrator of personal data transmitted by the Customer in connection with sending the order, for the purpose of conclusion and execution of the contract of sale is SHINESTONE Os. Krzeptówki 36, Zakopane (34-500) .

2. The customer has the right to access their data and to correct and update. Providing data is voluntary but necessary to send the contract and the conclusion and execution of the sale agreement. Customer's personal data are processed in terms of the Act of August 29, 1997. On personal data protection (Dz. U. 2014, item. 1182, as amended.), In order to conclude and execute a contract of sale and can be shared SHINESTONE Os. Krzeptówki 36, Zakopane (34-500) in order to perform the contract sales.

3. The law is to give the customer at the stage of registering for an account on the Service or send the contract to SHINESTONE voluntary consent to the processing of personal data. This consent may be revoked at any time by submitting a statement.

 4. Expressing consent to the processing of personal data apply to:

 a) conducting public opinion surveys, promotions, contests, and their share by SHINESTONE operators implementing appropriate tasks on its behalf;

 b) to receive from the company SHINESTONE commercial information, including a newsletter on paper or by electronic means of communication

c) receive from the company SHINESTONE notices related to the performance of the contract on paper or by electronic means of communication.

§ 14

1. Rules were released in the branch of the eShop, and also on the website at www.shinestone.pl

2. Sales of goods on the Website, as well as after-sales customer service, is based on the generally applicable provisions of law, in particular the Act of 23 April 1964. Civil Code and the Law of the day. May 30, 2014 r. On consumer rights.

3. In case of conflict the provisions of the Rules remain ruthless that the regulations in force in the place of the Regulations shall apply these provisions. In this case, the remainder of the regulations remain in force.

§ 15

 Any information on the Website, eShop and handling matters can be obtained by calling +48 662 25 32 02 and e-mail contact@shinestone.pl


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