Shinestone & Friends

shinestoneWe are looking for inspiration, passionate people, interesting places and events ...

Shinestone This project aims to show the jewellery art, but also wants to bring the complexity of the creative process, which is like a living organism, constantly changing. Brand is to show the art of jewelry as a multi-faceted issues ranging from inspiration, the design process, the process through to implementation. Art design implementation is a complex process that requires patience, creative thinking and cooperation with people from different fields. We work with experts in gemology, crystallography, grinder stones, precious metals experts, designers from other fields of art. We are interested in cooperation with enthusiasts, connoisseurs, people looking for unusual solutions. If you create yourself interesting works of jewelry and other related to the decorative arts are invited to an open cooperation.

We are not an island ...

Correspondence art is aware of dependencies, the analogy between the fields and their quest. We have a fundamental belief in the communion of all the arts, penetration and action of its individual areas of each other, mutual acquisition of genres of art, painting, sculpture, architecture, fashion and motoring. We plan our brand is passionate about working with other arts, which will allow us to grow wings and give a different perspective on our work.

Creative design is such action that leads to the creation of something original that has no pattern. The process of reaching a final result is not defined. The availability of information is not full. The result is dependent on the intellect of the author and independent of the used hardware or software. For this purpose we are looking for friends with whom will combine our passion for creation, exchange of ideas, experience, organization of meetings and joint workshops jewellery.

Our dream is to not become a reality!

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